About Us

About Us

Glasrock / OMI is refractory installation service company servicing mainly the Steel, Power, Cement and Petro Chemical Industries. Our business focuses on specific areas of industrial applications. We are committed to providing refractory packages that represent the absolute latest in refractory and installation technologies, serviced by the available industry expertise. We self-preform mechanical work in the steel and boiler industries maintaining “R” and “S” Stamps issued by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

We emphasis a proactive approach to customer service through information sharing, performance management, monitoring, reporting, planning, and scheduling. We will respond to customer statutory and regulatory requirements in a timely, innovative, and effective manner through teamwork and partnerships. 

We maintain the highest level of skill, competency, and professionalism within our work force. All employees are required to participate in the development, implementation, maintenance system, process, procedures, and policies. Continuous development of employee skills is essential to all successful companies. A work environment will be maintained that provides safety and opportunities to all employees.

We operate our business according to plan and budget. We strive to maintain a high level of corporate citizenship. Our success is measured by workplace safety, the enthusiasm of our work forces and the satisfaction of our customers.

We use ASME certified welders.

Glasrock / OMI is an affiliate of Oak Mountain Industries Inc. 


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